Our Story

An unexpected pause that changed everything...


The idea of creating our own company raised in our mind the same way as many other entrepreneurs: the desire to bring a wind of change to our daily life.

We have been office employees for more than 15 years without really considering any other options. Our week planning was pretty common: work from 9 to 5 every day of the week and try to find some time to relax on weekends, once all the household taks were done.

My spouse and I are two passionate persons and we consequently investigate ourselves at 100% in all our projects, as small as they can be. The confinement caused by the pandemic made us reconsider our priorities. We realized that our lifestyle didn't match anymore our aspirations. Together, we have decided to try this wonderful new adventure: open our online shop!

Our main goal is to bring to life all those wonderful creations shaped by our imagination. To easily render accessible unique creations that will bring a touch of originality to our members personal belongings.

So many beautiful & exciting projects are ahead of us!

We hope that our products will please you and that you will come back visit our shop soon.

Stef and Pat